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Experience the pinnacle of HDPE plastics manufacturing with Terra Star, LLC. Our seasoned team has the experience to consistently produce high-quality HDPE conduit solutions for the broadband, fiber, telecommunications, utilities and infrastructure applications.

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🌷🚧 Spring Builds Ahead: Embracing the season with Terra Star 🚧🌷

As the frost thaws and the days lengthen, we’re not just celebrating the arrival of spring—we’re also heralding the onset of a dynamic construction season. At Terra Star, we’re more than ready to meet this season’s promise with enthusiasm, innovation, and a commitment to excellence that runs as deep as our foundations.

This year, we’re particularly excited to announce that our range of UL Listed products is now readily available, ensuring that your projects not only meet but exceed safety and quality standards. Our UL Listed offerings are a testament to our dedication to providing products that lead the industry in reliability and trustworthiness.

Spring symbolizes new beginnings, and with the construction season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to embark on new projects, forge new partnerships, and achieve new milestones. With Terra Star by your side, equipped with UL Listed products and a team passionate about building the future, you’re set for a season of unparalleled success.

Let’s turn the blueprints of today into the landmarks of tomorrow. Here’s to a construction season filled with growth, innovation, and the strength of partnerships. 🌼🏗️

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Advanced HDPE Conduit Solutions Backed by Over Two Centuries of Expertise

Terra Star offers an extensive range of HDPE conduit solutions, all manufactured to the highest industry standards. All of our products are customizable to your exact specifications.

0.75 in to 6 in

SDR 7, SDR 9, SDR 11, SDR 13.5, SDR 15.5, SDR 17, SCH 40, SCH 80

Orange, Black, Brown, Green, Lime Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Gray, White, Yellow, Purple, Lilac, & Terra Cotta

Tension-resistant Pull Tape, Terra Point, Smooth or Ribbed Wall, Terra Glyde, Custom Print-Lines, and UL Listed

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